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SNV1GSAN Volume Controller (SVC) Planning and Implementation Workshop4 days€ 3.040,00
SNV10ADG-WBTIBM Spectrum Virtualize RAID Protection0,50 days€ 820,00
SNV10BDG-WBTIBM Spectrum Virtualize – Advanced Cluster Concepts0,50 days€ 820,00
SNV10CDG-WBTIBM Spectrum Virtualize – Transparent Cloud Tiering0,50 days€ 820,00
SNV10DG-WBTIBM Spectrum Virtualize for the IBM SAN Volume Controller1 days€ 820,00
SN71DG-WBTStorage Area Networking Fundamentals4 days€ 3.040,00
SN71GStorage Area Networking Fundamentals4 days€ 3.040,00
SN71G-WBTStorage Area Networking Fundamentals – WBT4 days€ 3.040,00
SSC15G-SPVCIBM Spectrum Control and IBM Storage Insights Implementation and Lab Access0,50 days€ 820,00
SSE1GIBM Storwize V7000 Implementation Workshop4 days€ 3.040,00
SSE12DG-WBTMonitoring the IBM Elastic Storage System1 days€ 820,00
SSFS1GIBM FlashSystem Fundamentals1 days€ 820,00
SSFS3GIBM FlashSystem V9000 Storage Implementation4 days€ 3.040,00
SSFS5DG-WBTFlashSystem 9100 Implementation1 days€ 820,00
SSFS7DG-WBTIBM FlashSystem 9200 Implementation0,75 days€ 820,00
SS01GIntroduction to Storage3 days€ 2.460,00
FSX200IBM FlashSystem FS5200 / FS7200 / FS9200 Workshop + (optional HyperSwap)4 or 5 days€ 3.800,00
SN71G-WBTStorage Area Networking Fundamentals4 days€ 3.040,00
SSFS1DG-WBTIBM FlashSystem Fundamentals (Digital Course)2 days€ 1.640,00
SS01DG-WBTIntroduction to Storage (Digital Course)2 days€ 1.640,00
SSC20DG-WBTIBM Cloud Object Storage System Fundamentals1 days€ 820,00
SSFH1DG-WBTIntroduction to IBM Spectrum Fusion0,50 days€ 820,00
SSFS8DG-WBTIBM FlashSystem 9500 Implementation1 days€ 820,00