Elastic Storage Server - Enablement Workshop for Business Partners (BPs)

Code: ESSW3


This is a custom workshop focused on Introducing and Enabling Business Partners within Elastic Storage Server (ESS) and Scale, as well as the business potential of it.


This intermediate workshop is for Business Partners that want to get started with the IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS), to learn how they can help their customers, and to understand the business potential


The following knowledge is ideal:

  • A good understanding of UNIX/Linux, SAN, and Storage concepts.
  • A basic understanding of concepts regarding client/server relationships.


After completing this workshop, participants will have a good understanding about what ESS/Scale can offer, as well as its business potential.


  • Unit 1: Introducing the IBM Elastic Storage Server
    • IBM Elastic Storage Server benefits
    • ESS overview
    • ESS building blocks
    • ESS employs parallel access
    • Benefits of ESS
    • IBM Spectrum Scale - the software on the IBM ESS - short Overview
    • IBM Spectrum Scale RAID
    • ESS storage structure and terms
    • ESS storage elements and terms
    • IBM Spectrum Scale storage concepts
    • ESS data protection
  • Unit 2: IBM ESS HW Overview
    • The different HW options with ESS
    • The ESS 5000 (POWER based)
    • The ESS 3000 and ESS 3200 (Intel based - containerized)
  • Unit 3: Monitoring and Managing the IBM ESS using the GUI
    • IBM Spectrum Scale / ESS GUI Overview
    • Demo: GUI walkthrough (If ESS HW available - Exercise - ESS GUI usage)
  • Unit 4: IBM ESS / Spectrum Scale Filesystem and Fileset Overview
    • What is an IBM ESS / Spectrum Scale Filesystem
    • Why use Filesets?
    • Exercise: Build a filesystem and create filesets - check/monitor with GUI
  • Unit 5: IBM CES - Cluster Export Services - sharing data to the “outside” world
    • IBM Spectrum Scale CES
    • IBM CES NFS sharing
    • IBM CES CIFS sharing
    • Exercise: Bring up CES and prepare a basic sharing environment
    • Quotas with IBM ESS / Spectrum Scale
    • Exercise: Work with quotas
  • Unit 6: Networking with IBM ESS / Spectrum Scale
    • Multi Cluster Feature of ESS / Spectrum Scale
    • Using the ESS as a Storage Service
    • Networking do’s and don'ts
    • High speed networking for Big Data and AI workloads
  • Unit 7: Additional features and products
    • Policy data management with ESS / Spectrum Scale
    • What is AFM (active file management) in Spectrum Scale (and ESS)
    • Different use options for AFM
    • IBM Spectrum Archive - expanding the ESS / Spectrum Scale
    • If time permits - Exercise on Policy Management
    • If time permits - Exercise on AFM

Price (ex. VAT)

€ 1.640,00 per person


2 days


    Delivery methods

    • Classroom
    • On-site (at your location)
    • Virtual (instructor online)

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